Washed Paver Machine

 Tarahan Washed Machine

Washing machine polish the concrete pavingwith high water pressure and expose materials such as granite, marble fines and etc, that gives a beautiful view to the pavers, which are also known as Concrete Walls.

Washhing machine is one of the accessories of the concrete production line, which is used to convert them into decorative pavements.

Features of the Washing Machine

- High speed and high washability

- Simple structure of the machine and easy operation

- changing the way of washing nozzle without stopping

- Easy installation for all machines

- A single wash of all paving in the entire pallet

- Ability to close or open nozzles separately for optimal water consumption

1400 mm

Maximum Board Width

1400 mm

Maximum Board Length

12 –20 s

Duration of Washing Cycle

4.5 kW

Installed Power

Length: 4080 mm

Width: 3535 mm

Height: 2250 mm

Dimensions of The Washer

 mm 700 530

Height of The Wet Side Conveyor

500 mm

Minimum Distance Between 

Production Boards

1700 kg


Approx.25 L per Cycle (For 11s Cycle)

Water Consumption

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