TM-510 Kerbstone Making Machine

Tarahan Kerbstone Making Machine TM-510

Tarahan TM-510 kerbstone making machine is a single bunker machine to produce all product in one color and TM-510 has designed for those who have priority in producing all types of concrete kerbstone or curbstone, also TM-510 kerbstone making machine is able to produce all cement blocks and paver stones.


TM-510 Kerbstone Machine Specification

Operating System Hydraulic
Control System Full Automatic
Bunker Single Bunker
Capacity 150 Pallet/per an hour
Max. Product Height 300mm
Min. Product Height 50mm
Hydraulic Pressure 250 bar
Operating Pressure 130 bar
Pallet Size 1150x920mm
Electricity System Telemecanique
Down Vibration 4 kw 2800 rpm- 4 pieces
Up Vibration 0.55 kw 2800 rpm- 2pieces
Hydraulic Engine 11 kw 1400 rpm


TM-510 Kerbstone Machine Production in a Process

Block 20x40x20 10 pieces
Curbstone 15x30x50 6 pieces
Paver stone 8x20x16 24 pieces


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