Flower Box Mold

Tarahan Flower Box Mold

Designing and manufacturing of various types of concrete flower boxes for use in flowerbeds with gradient areas. For the first time in Iran, Tarahan have been developing different models of concrete flower box.

We are trying to mechanized the products for the first time in the country and provide consumers with a high quality and reasonable price.


Model 1:

Size: medium (suitable for seasonal and seasonal plants)

Weight: 2 + 50

Angle: Between 45 to 70 degrees of wall gradient

Height: The trenches up to 3 meters

Cement grade: 400

 Resistance: 350

Root-to-soil connection: through the floor

Soil Type: Geogrid and Geotextile

It isn't possible to plants the evergreens and sensitive roots.








Model 2:

Size: Good (suitable for all types of plants)

Weight: 2 + 80

Angle: Between 60 to 90 degrees of wall gradient

Height of the structure (trenches): up to 20 meters without creating an intact terrace

Cement grade: 400

Resistance: 350

Root-to-soil connection: through the back

Soil Type: Geogrid or Geotextile, Polymer Bands, Steel Belts

It is possible to plants the evergreens and sensitive roots.







Model 3:

The Flower Box Model No. 3, or the same steppe model, can be used in the manufacture of concrete steps, concrete chairs or steep walls.

Slope Location: 20 to 40 degrees

Weight of the block: 18 kg



Model: 4

The ،Tera model of Flower Box is suitable for creating a garden and beautifying the walls and sloping surfaces as well as for soil sediment control. Also, the Tera model is designed and manufactured according to the installation location in various sizes.

Slope Location: 35 ° to 90 °

Weight of each block: 20 kg

The number of blocks in 1 square meter is 16

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