Portable Batching 30 wet

Tarahan Portable Batching 30 wet


Advantages of Portable Batching:

- The transfer of portable machine is so easy

- There is no costs for crane and the shipping costs of portable machine is one-third of stationary machine

- Portable batching does not require installation while there are installation costs for stationary machines 

- Stationary batching machines require a steady and spacious space stablishment, but in the portable machine this case has been reduced

- In the portable batching, because of the installation in the factory, the cost of making the cable for the power cable and plumbing water and the water pump is completely zero while there is a lot of costs in stationary batching



30 m3/h

      The Capacity of Aggregate Silo          

3x10 m3

The Capacity of Aggregate Weigh 


1250 kg


Included(one meter)

 Wind Compressor

250 L

 Cement Screw​​​​​​​

1500 kg

 Water meter

500 L

Control System

PLC+ Panel Touch+Computer 

Cement Screw

8 inch

Operator Cabinet


 Required Land Area

300 m2



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