Mobile Batching 30

Tarahan Mobile Batching 30

Tarahan mobile batching 30m is suitable for projects with less concreting capacity. Mobile batching 30m if used in two types of materials, will be designed in two 5 m3 silos and four types of silos will be designed with 4 silos 5 m3.


Advantages of Tarahan Mobile Batching:

- Easy shipping

- Easy to install and open on trailer

- No need for specialty of the operator

- Fast installation without the need for a crane

- Quality and precision of concrete production

- Removing shipping costs of concrete from ready-made concrete




30 m3/h

The Capacity of Aggregate Silo

2x5 m3


The Capacity of Aggregate Weigh 


1250 kg


Loading Type of aggregate to the


Transfer Conveyor/Winch

Mixer Type

One shaft-  Pan 500-750 L

Cement Weighing Capacity

300 kg

Water Weighing Capacity

200 kg

 Compressor and Water Pump 


Control System


Cement Screw

6 inch

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