CLC block production line

Tarahan CLC block production line

CLC block production line is designed and constructed in different capacities, which can also be different in terms of blocks production, which is different in the template section.

- The production of light blocks by this type of concrete is different and does not require any press.

- The capacity of the CLC block production line is at least 30 m3 in a shift.


The light block production line is divided into four main parts:

1- The central station or batching plant is for weighing materials other than cement.

2- Special mixer: Lightweight concrete blades for mixing materials and preparation for transfer to molds.

3. Mold; Molds are made of metal and in two models. They are a piece that cut off blocks or a mold that consists of several parts and does not need to be cut.

4. Drying unit: This unit create the blocks, which in the market these blocks are known as autoclave light blocks.


To produce 1 m3 of clc style block with a density of 850kg / m3 the following materials are required:

- Portland cement 300 to 350 kg

- Sand 430-450 kg

- Water 200 liters

-Foam 0.65- 0.7kg


The product line items are:

Cement silos - Silo additives - Mixer - Water tank - Scale - Wind compressor - Molding oil spray system - Cutter -elevator-Mold-Pump Menu


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