Block and curbstone Mixer

 Tarahan Block and curbstone Mixer

Block and curbstone Mixers are designed and manufactured for mixing dry mortar for the production of concrete blocks, dry mortar mixers known as block and curbstone mixers and , Tarahan mixers engineered and manufactured  in different capacities, and in various designs.


Block and curbstone Mixers types

- Vertical Mixer: The vertical shaft of these mixers and the mixer type are in the form of a pot that is rotated in the mixer by rotary ovens around the mixer tank.

 -Horizontal Mixer: In this mixer, the mixer shaft is horizontal and the materials in this mixer are opened up to the mixer due to being raised by the oars and then blended into the mixer, and are better mixed with the vertical mixer.

In the manufacture of mixers, all the appliances have the necessary standards, and the mixers have a warranty and a long life.

Tarahan Mixer Features:
- LG / LS electrical panel Accessories
- Replacement cast iron blades
- Design and construction of a solid chassis
- The ability to install a pneumatic jack for the mixer door
- The ability to replace the mixer sheet for repair and replacement
- Anti-abrasion plate - Mechanical cleaning system inside the mixer
- The use of an electroregearbox proportional to the size and strength of the mixer with valid brands



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