Automatic Kerb Making Machine

Tarahan Automatic Kerb Making Machine

Automatic kerb making machine  is a mobile machine with an elegant design and user-friendly including press system and powerful vibration, it is suitable to produce concrete curbs with high capacity and high quality

Technical Features

- Bunker capacity is 1 m3

- Real course of the machine is 1 minute

- Production potency of different types of kerb is 30 up to 50cm

- Automatic block making machine-feeding perform by loader or forklift

- Involving three-phase electrical panel to control machine and protect electromotors

Optional systems can install on machine

PLC system: it enables the user to omit machine operator and machine works fully-Automatic 

Advantages of this system

1.Decrease the machine depreciation

2.Automatic and easy fault detection of machine 

3.Reduction of workers

4.control the production capacity

5.User-friendly by touchscreen monitor

Winch System

When it is impossible to use loader or forklift for filling the machine pocket, winch system will be used on machine which causes to reduce costs and simplify the operation.



Production Capacity 

per Course



Production height


M.CS 50

Single Row Kerb Making Machine


30to 50

M.CD 50

Two Rows Kerb Making Machine


30to  50

M.CT 50

Three Rows Kerb Making Machine


30to 50


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