Fire brick

What is firebrick?

firebrick is a ceramic material used in furnaces, kilns and fireplaces. The main property firebricks are high heat resistance and low thermal conductivity for high energy efficiency. Firebricks are widely used in mechanics, chemistry or in thermal stresses such as furnaces, kilns. In other situations, where a little hardness is needed such as electric furnace or natural gas, the choice of kiln brick is a good choice. In any case, fire bricks should not be destroyed in fires and should maintain their strength during periods of temperature rapid change.


Low Temperature Applications

There is another range of firebricks use for low temperatures, including magnesium oxide, which is often used as a lining for furnaces. Silica brick is also the most common type of brick used for the internal lining of furnaces and incinerators.

As the inner lining is the first sacrifice of the furnaces, higher alumina content of fire bricks helps to extend the life of the relining. It can be observed very few cracks inside the furnace after lining with aluminum, as long as the cracks are united there is no concern about them.

Silicon carbide, with high abrasive strength, is a popular material for hearths of incinerators. Common red brick is used for chimneys and wood stoves.

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