Egg layer kerbstone machine

Egg layer kerbstone machine

Egg layer curbstone machine is a hydraulic mobile machine which produces cement block machine on the ground.


Technical specification of egg layer curbstone machine:

Egg laying curbstone machine usually has a one-way jack (free fall or impact system) for its press system, not a pressure press this means when we push hydraulic handle press system falls like a hammer on the blocks. But in Tarahan kerbstone making machines we have designed them to capable of pressure pressing system to produce high-quality concrete curbstone. Note that this pressure is limited by machine's weight it can't be higher than 1ton.

Egg layer curb machine motion system utilizing an electro-gearbox and steering system is manual, egg layer curbstone machine vibration system in some machines designed by two inside vibration and in some machines there is one vibrating system on the front of mold this type of vibrating if installed correctly has a better and same vibration for all blocks in a mold.


How to work with egg layer kerbstone machine:

Egg layer curbstone machine needs an operator to control machine, first aggregate provides by the mixer and then workers bring aggregate by a wheeler to egg layer curbstone machine and puts aggregate inside of kerbstone making machine and fills the mold, when workers are filling the mold operator pushes vibrating button to fill the empty spaces of the mold and this action makes kerbstones have good stability, when mold filled full operator uses pressing handle to press kerbstones and at the same time pushes vibrating button (pressing amount and time depends on company instruction and operator experience).

At the end when the press is down on the curbstones, the operator pushes the hydraulic handle to pick up the mold to produce cement concrete curbs on the ground.


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