Concrete Foam

Concrete foam

Concrete foam is new concrete for building coatings, including flooring and sloping, which in addition to lightness, have strength and quality of the former methods. The production of concrete foam is possible by mobile machines (concrete foam machine) so it is carried by pickup vehicle to the building project and set up and manufactured there, which makes it possible to use it in remote villages as well.

Cement, water and foam are used to make this concrete, which is poured into a mixer with special blades and then pumped from the mixer to the upper floors or the desired location. Exposed concrete foam is like foam, which is why it is known as foam concrete.

After drying, the weight of the concrete is 300 to 1600 kg / m3.

* Note that the concrete foam machine does not use for the production of foam block or clc because the blocks are of low quality and strength.


Main features of concrete foam:

1. The economic factor

2. Ease of transportation

3. Heat and sound insulation:

Concrete foam is highly resistant to fire, for example a block or piece of foam concrete with a spatial weight of 700 to 800 kg per cubic meter that is at least 8 cm thick can easily withstand temperatures up to 1270 ° C. It is generally non-combustible at low weights. The heat transfer coefficient of the foam concrete is 0.65 to 0.51 while the normal concrete is 1.3 to 1.7.

4- Fire and frost resistant:

Concrete foam also has excellent properties against frost and moisture, which is because the concrete foam has a high porosity in the surface layers, which results in smaller gaps and fewer seams on the surface. if well thickened, it can withstand rain and water. Resistance up to 1270 ° C is generally non-combustible at low weights.

5. Ability to cut

6- Ideal insulation for installations:

In most buildings, installations require pipe chrome, but in buildings which use concrete foam they no longer need to it and isolated them.


Application of concrete foam:

- Roof Slope:

The use of concrete foam is advantageous because it installs and produces concrete in the workplace. It is a prominent feature and has good insulation.

- Flooring:

Concrete foam can be used for flooring and balconies of the building to create a smooth surface and immediately after drying, installation can be started.

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