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CLC lightweight block

CLC lightweight blocks are produced by a mixture of cement, sand, foam, and aluminum powder. These blocks are lightweight in that they are made of porosity with vacuum by air. These blocks are also known as perelex blocks.

Today, these blocks are used in different cities of the country, but they are still far from being used in the construction market, but will gradually prove their position. Perhaps the most important reason for not being in the market yet is the lack of quality manufacturers of these types of blocks and their little strength. We hope will increase the use of these blocks by studying and increasing the technical knowledge of both machine makers and clc block manufacturers.

The advantage of clc lightweight blocks:

- Increase the speed of construction (due to the large size of these blocks compared to brick and less use of mortar as well as lightness and ease of transportation)

- No need to insulate the building due to silica (heat, fire insulation and noise pollution)

- Ability to cutting, hammering and hole drilling and ease the building wiring

- Non-absorption of moisture


CLC lightweight block production method:

For the production of clc block, as with other concrete production methods, the raw materials (cement, aeolian sand) are first conveyed from the silos by a conveyor into a special mixer and blended into the mixer with water then the bubbling material is added.


After being created inside the puffing mode it is directed to the molds The molds can also be in two modes.


CLC lightweight block mold: solid base molds 2.CLC battery mold

after the molds are filled they are autoclaved (200 ° C) to transfer them into furnaces for processing if required, but due to the high cost of the furnaces their processing usually perform by salon indoor air which is also cost effective. There is another method, such as keeping it in the water for 7 days or keeping it in the steam for 6 hours.

After processing, if the molds are of the one solid type, the blocks are cut by cutter in specified sizes, but if the molds are of the second type, i.e. they have blocks of the same size, they separate the blocks from the molds.


Technical Specification of CLC lightweight block:

Special weight 600-650 kg / cm3

Pressure tolerance up to 25 kg / cm2

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