Automatic Curbstone Egg Laying Machine

Automatic curbstone egg layer machine

Automatic kerbstone laying machine is a mobile fully hydraulic curbstone making machine which called wrongly automatic kerbstone making machine or other names start with automatic, so we will call and write the right name as fully hydraulic curbstone egg-laying machine or fully hydraulic kerbstone egg layer machine.

Its called block egg-laying or block egg layer because of producing concrete curbs on the ground and then moving straight, it is called fully hydraulic because of moving mold, filling the mold and open/close of bunker door is done by hydraulic force.

it is called mobile because of wheels, unlike stationary kerbstone making machines which installed on the foundation on the ground and produces on pallets.

So we learned more about fully hydraulic curbstone layer machine and we want to know how does it works, first of all, we have to fill machine's mold by aggregates, there is two way to fill fully hydraulic curb layer machine:

1- By loader or a vehicle can fill the bunker of the machine( height about 2m)

2- By a cart (lifter or winch system installed on the machine)

choosing one of the top options depends on customers and users situation and decision.

After that we filled the machines bunker we will open the door to fill the cart, whenever cart filled by aggregate, the will be pulled on the mold to fill the mold and at the same time vibration will vibrate mold to fill empty spaces and vibration makes concrete curbs solid.

whenever molds filled by aggregate operator press the concrete curbs (pressing times according to manufacturers instruction), there are two types of pressing system on mobile kerbstone making machines,

- Freefall system 

- Pressure system 

at the time of purchase should be careful to choose a machine with the pressure system.

in the final step, the operator will raise the mold to free the concrete curbstone.


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